Schools And Churches



At TK BURGERS, we understand the needs of schools and churches…flexibility, affordable pricing,
reliability, quality, and SPEEDY service.

We offer two types of non-profit events that apply to schools
and churches. “HOSTED” events are where you are purchasing for the school and
 events are where we come and sell as a fundraiser and give back 10%.



Minimum Event Price Starts at $750 for 75 guests:

Each Additional Guest (over the minimum 75) is priced @ $6.99 each
Hosted events over (175) guests – please see our regular Catering Menus – Option #1

All standard meals Include: *

Choice of: Cheeseburger, Hamburger, Veggieburger
Sides: Assorted Individual Bagged Chips OR Fresh Fries (add $1.50/pp)
Beverages: Bottled Water, Canned Sodas (Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite & Rootbeer)



We offer TWO types of selling events: WE sell or YOU sell

  1.  HOSTED: You buy from us and you handle all sales:   Buy Price:   You Sell At:
    Meals served w/ Chip Pricing:                                                   $7.00               $8.00
    Meals served w/ Fries Pricing:                                                  $9.00                $10.00 

    • Buy & Sell Price includes applicable sales tax
    • Higher selling prices need to be approved through TK Burgers
    • Minimum guarantees of sales may be required depending on event
  1. SELLING: We sell for you and handle all aspects of sales and donate back 10% 
    • Our Trucks take both cash and credit cards when selling at events
    • Sales must reach $1,100 before 10% is donated back
    • Minimum guarantee of sales may be required depending on event


*Plus applicable sales tax and a $35 travel/propane charge
*Only events held on school or church properties are exempt from 15% service charges
*Smaller events that are discounted (no 15% service charge) are subject to truck availability. In the unlikely event we do not have a truck available, your event will be done with the same speed, service and quality using a portable “Farmer’s Market” set-up. If you are willing to pay full price for your event, we can guarantee you a truck.
*Other meal options available include Marinated Chicken Sandwiches, Grilled Cheese and Hot Dogs

* Knowing previous attendance and sales will help us with quantities and staffing for your event


*If you send in a request and haven't heard back from us within 24
hours, please give us a call.