Menus and Pricing: Our Trucks Got Fries!!!






*The packages below are starting points – the number of guests can be adjusted up or down for your event*

For ingredients and allergy information please click here



  • 15% Event Charge – covers expenses associated with the administration and production of all catered events. Including site insurance, permits, truck maintenance, equipment, among other costs over and above the actual meal pricing. This is not intended as a service charge, gratuity or tip for your servers.
  • Minimum $45 Travel/Fuel Charge varies based on distance, typical traffic, time. 
  • Applicable Sales Tax charged to ALL events.
  • Events include 1.5 hours of service (up to 2 hours for larger events) * Extra serve time may be available at $150/p hr
  • Friday & Saturday – our Mini Party/ Opt. 4 cannot be booked more than two weeks in advance.


  • FRENCH FRIES add $2.50/pp
  • Sweet Potato Fries, Tater Tots & Onion Rings add $3.75/pp
  • Turkey burgers add $2.95/pp
  • Impossible burgers add $3.95/pp
  • Ahi Fish, Ribeye Steak add $3.95/pp
  • Traditional Potato Salad add $1.95/pp
  • Double Patties add $2.00/p
  • Hot Dogs, Corn Dogs add $2.95/pp
  • Grilled Cheese also available


  • Fresh Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies add $.95/pp
  • Petite Brownie Bites add $.95/pp
  • Creme Filled Churros add $2.25/pp
  • Fresh Fruit Salad add $1.95/pp

For ingredients and allergy information please click here