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  • Please update/change your guest count as few times as possible.  We only need 2 days prior notice for final guest counts.
  • We always bring 10 -15% extra and you are not billed for it unless you use it!
  • We arrive 30-60 minutes prior to your event. No need to check in with us, promise – we are coming!
  • You do not need to provide us exact counts of the types of burgers and sandwiches. We bring plenty of each type.
  • We do not offer kids meal pricing. We can offer Grilled Cheeses and Hot Dogs at regular meal pricing.
  • Permits are not usually required for most events.
  • We quickly provide and process all insurance needs for your event if necessary.
  • We provide tables, plates, napkins and all items needed for our service. We have our own electricity.
  • You Must provide all tables, chairs and trash containers for your guests’ use.
  • Our burgers are 100% pure beef, fresh, and have no additives!
  • Gluten – Free Option: Lettuce Wraps available upon request.
  • The 15% event charge covers expenses associated with the administration and production of all catered events.  Including site insurance, permits, truck maintenance, equipment, among other costs over and above the actual meal pricing.  This is not intended as a service charge, gratuity or tip for your servers.
  • We only offer non-profit discounts to schools and churches when the event is held on property.
What’s Included
  • We cook everything on site, including our fries. All is fresh and Hot on Site!
  • 30-60 minutes of set-up time and One & a Half (1.5) hours of service time is typical for most events.
  • Additional serve time is negotiable starting at $50 per half hour.  Some events will be given 2 hours service.
  • Fresh Condiment Bars contain: Lettuce, Tomato, Onions, Pickles, Peppers, Ketchup, Mustard and our Secret Sauce.
  • We provide service tables and black tables cloths for our condiment and serving areas only.
  • We serve our burgers and fries in environmentally friendly clamshell containers
  • We provide all plates, napkins and utensils as needed. We do not provide knives.
  • We provide napkins and utensils as needed. 
  • CHIPS: We provide a variety of individually bagged standard flavors of chips.
  • DRINKS: We provide canned Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Root Beer, and Bottled Water.
  • Drinks are served ice cold in high – efficiency standard blue coolers.
  • We do NOT provide trash cans, decorations, or tables for your guests.
  • We do NOT offer kids meal pricing. We do offer Grilled Cheese and Hot Dogs at regular meal pricing.
  • Please limit the times you call to change guest counts, we only need 2 days notice prior to your event.
  • TK Burgers accepts all major credit cards, cashier and personal checks and cash. Non – Corporate, private party events must be PAID IN FULL, 1 week prior to or at the event. Any overages will be billed and invoiced after all events.
  • Please Make Checks Payable to: TK BURGERS CATERING INC
Truck Specs & Sizes
  • We have several sized trucks, trailers and BBQ’s.  We have a smaller truck for tight spots. * Think of a standard UPS or FedEx truck.
    Our largest truck is 13.5’ tall, 8 feet wide and 25 feet long,
    Our smallest truck is 10 feet tall, 8 feet wide and 20 feet long.
    The Tiki Trailer BBQ is 4 feet tall, 6 feet wide and 10 feet long
  • Catering Trucks & Trailers are completely self sufficient.  No outside power is needed!
  • Catering Trucks feature a professional sound system with multiple playlists. You can use your own playlist too!
    Other Catering Options:
     We are also able to do events in your backyard using either your existing built-in BBQ or we can bring our own! At an added cost of $175 we can bring a professional portable fryer and provide your guests with freshly cooked fries in your own backyard.
Locations & Permits

    • Permits MAY be required at public locations such as beaches & parks
    • Permits & fees are to be obtained and paid for by the client PRIOR to event date
Holiday Cards

Front Holiday Card 2015Our famous TK Cheeseburger charbroiled holiday cards are back!  It includes a burger/sandwich (excluding Ahi and Ribeye), Fries, and a Drink for $7.50!


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