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  • Irvine Company Event for 4000 Employees

    Event for 4000 Employees

    Thank you once again for an exceptional Customer Appreciation event. The continued success of these events is due, in no small part, to the contribution of TK Burgers.

    The professionalism, organization, and talent of your team is why we can accomplish what we can. I truly don’t know of anyone else that could accommodate such a huge numbers of people in the amount of time allotted, and still provide such great quality food.

    You are masters of your craft, as it were, and an invaluable part of appreciating our customers.

    Ceri Osborne, Manager Operations
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    Event for 475 Guests

    You guys were amazing! We were literally blown away with how efficient and professional the process was. I don’t think anyone waited longer than a couple of minutes for food. 99% of the employees were served immediately.

    We will totally believe you guys the next time you say you only need one truck… LOL

    Brandi Benford, Executive Assistant

  • Edison high school MUN

    Event for 1400 Students

    We love the TK Burger Truck. We have large conferences and they are always on time and get the students through the line very quickly. They make serving large groups simple. All the employees have amazing attitudes and the burgers are always great. They bring music which makes for a fun atmosphere. I highly recommend TK Burger truck services!

    Claudette Brunelli, Edison High School MUN

  • Dell Software Group

    Event for 800 employees

    I want to tell you that the team you sent were fantastic!! They were so professional and worked super hard!! They served so many people in such a short amount of time that they redeemed my faith in booking food trucks! (The last one had my people waiting in line for hours.) Thanks again so very much for everything is so appreciated!

    Suz Segura, Dell Software Group
    Dell Software Group

  • Loan Depot

    Event for 1800 Guests

    “TK today was a big hit! Many of our employees had not heard of TK or knew of them but had not tried them and rated TK far and above most burger places. We got so many compliments and thought I would pass them on to you”

    Debra Tomblin, HR GENERALIST
    Loan Depot

  • Volcom

    Event for 125 Guests

    “Easy breezy to arrange, great existing relationship, staff is friendly & rad, food is always a success…will keep coming back!


  • LBA Realty

    Event for 3000 Guests

    “TK’s staff was professional and well organized from start to finish. The addition of freshly made burgers was highly appreciated and received as one of the best events to date. Delivering a consistent product at a high production rate is rare, but TK’s delivers”

    Garrett R. Macklin, PROPERTY MANAGER
    LBA Realty

  • Irvine Company Event for 3600 Guests

    Event for 3600 Guests

    Just wanted to say TK Burger is wonderful to work with. Everyone working at the event was smiling and so friendly. Thank you again for another great year.

    Dayna Freitas, Irvine Company
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  • Irvine Company Office Properties

    Event for 250-1000 Guests

    TK Burgers has been just great with helping with our large scale events. We have had events from 250-1000 with TK Burger and every single one gone off wonderfully and without a single one of our customers being disappointed.

    I Think my favorite thing about TK Burger is that once I book it, I don’t need to follow up or worry that there will be no show, or there won’t be enough food. It is a seamless process and makes it so easy when I have other things that need my attention during these events.

    Sarah Veitch, Senior Associate
    Irvine Company Office Properties

  • Santa Ana College

    Event for 400 Guests

    I wanted to take a few minutes to let you know how pleased Santa Ana College has been in working with you on two of our major events this past year. Your team arrived early to set-up and the food was ready to server at the agreed time. The TK team was friendly, well-coordinated and set up their tables and condiment stations fast and efficiently. They were very conscientious and showed great detail in regards to food handling. The serving place was excellent at both events ranging from 400 to 900 guests. The food was hot, delicious and served with a smile.

    Geni Lusk, Santa Ana College
    Santa Ana College

  • John R. Peterson Elementary Event For 600 Guests

    Event For 600 Guests

    “I can’t tell you how much we enjoyed having TK at our party, we received so many compliments on how great the food tasted; how quick and friendly the services was and how appreciative guests were for the overall experience”

    Jennifer Dater, PTA President
    John R. Peterson Elementary

  • Newport Beach Police Event for 500 Guests

    Event for 500 Guests

    “I would like to acknowledge your employees who went above and beyond their normal duties working fervently and never complaining once. Their professional attitude and work ethic represented your establishment well”

    John Klein, CHIEF OF POLICE
    Newport Beach Police

  • Mariners Christian School Event for 700 Guests

    Event for 700 Guests

    “Seriously, UNBELIEVABLE! Your staff could not have possibly been better to work with! Each and every one of them was incredibly friendly, helpful, efficient; patient…I could go on and on. Our guests were beyond happy (we used a competitor last year and it was a nightmare…) with TK and we are hoping to do more events like this with your fabulous team (including you!) in the future.”

    Mariners Christian School
    Mariners Christian School